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Old Malvernians benefit from a 10% fee remission of either day or boarding fees for each of their children who attend Malvern College or The Downs, Malvern College Prep. The fee discount also applies to Old Downians, Old Hillstonians and Ellerslie Old Girls.  This initiative is part of the College's efforts to foster closer relationships with its Alumni.

Examination Certificates

Examination certificates are important legal documents which you will need whenever you are asked to provide evidence of your qualifications


IB certificates are received by Malvern College in late August. We will then forward them to the address you have provided or your home address on college records. If you have not received your certificate by the end of August you should contact the college at Prior to the arrival of the certificate, you can obtain a statement of results from This will be immediately updated if you are successful in a re-mark.

If you lose your certificate you will need to apply for a new one through the IBO website; see the links on


Certificates for summer series GCSE, IGCSE and GCE (A Level) examinations are not printed by the Awarding Bodies until November each year. Prior to receiving your certificates you can use the Provisional Statements of Results for most purposes (university admission, job applications, immigration and visa requirements, etc).

Until November 2011 all certificates were sent direct to each pupil’s House and kept by the Housem until the pupil left. Since November 2011 the Exams Office has taken responsibility for the distribution and tracking of certificates. As many as possible are distributed at Parents’ Meetings in exchange for a signature. Pupils may also visit the Exams Office and sign for their certificates. In the case of pupils who have already left Malvern College, certificates will be sent to your last known home address by recorded delivery, unless you have supplied an alternative address for this purpose.

Every year a number of envelopes containing certificates are returned to us undelivered, sometimes after a delay of many months. We do our best to contact the OM when this occurs but please do contact us if you have not received, by the end of December, any certificates that you were expecting.

If you have lost your original Examination Certificates you may need to obtain copies or the equivalent. This is not something which the Awarding Bodies permit Malvern College to do for you, though we will provide advice should you have difficulties. You will need to know which Awarding Bodies you were with and the year in which you actually took your examinations. The current UK Awarding Bodies hold records for all the old Exam Boards and the link below to Ofqual will show you which organisation to approach for older qualifications. This page also provides links to details of how to start the process with each Awarding Body.

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